Meet Jennifer Emperador

Meet Jennifer Emperador

Jennifer Emperador is a world traveler and the Founder of Empower Hour, a social awareness movement of abuse and neglect. When she isn’t giving to those she cares about or traveling the world, she helps people start their own inspirational projects.

Jennifer’s Most Passionate Curiosity: To help others see that they have value in the world, and for them to have self-worth.

I don’t know what I want but I know it’s not this! I spent many years searching and trying to define my life’s purpose, but still came up with nothing.  Was there something wrong with me?  Was I incapable of living lofty dreams and living a life that had meaning?  Or was I not the chosen “One” to live life passionately, like so many others that I looked up to?  For many years, I questioned my abilities, the direction of my life, and who I was as a person.  I did everything that I was supposed to do; go to college, get a career, and live happily ever after.  Despite finishing college and my successful career as a college recruiter, for for-profit colleges, there was still a void in my life.

“I was not living the “happily ever after” life that I thought came naturally after doing the “right” things.”

I took a sabbatical from the corporate world and focused on helping friends with their start-up businesses and was involved in community service.  These areas nurtured my natural strengths and talent.  My friends always complimented my attributes. As a genuine, positive person I was able to easily connect with others and develop long lasting relationships.  Many would come to me seeking advice because they were comforted by my ability to resolve their problems in a positive but logical perspective.  Also, I was known to get things done, a LOT of things done, which was reflective in my energetic personality.  Yet knowing all of this, I still did not feel like I had any clear perspectives of my true talents.  I cringed every time someone would ask me, “What do you want to be when you ‘grow’ up?”  I had no clue!

My yearning to find my purpose in life grew stronger.  I could not handle wandering anymore and I needed help.  It was time to ignite my life!  My consult with Tom McDermott was a worthwhile investment.  It gave me clarity of my natural talents, my attributes, the ideal environment that I work best in, and most importantly, my greatest natural curiosity.  In front of the room, was my life mapped out on a white board!  Everything about me that I was denying and questioning after all these years ultimately became my greatest strengths!  It was not only a career consultation but a reality check of who I am as a person.  It was an emotionally powerful day for me.  I was one step closer to finding my calling in life!

My greatest natural curiosity and purpose is; to help others see that they have value in the world, and for them to have self-worth.

It all became very clear to me that day, that this is my true essence. With assurance, confidence, and support from my friends along with my business partner, Scott Clark, Empower Hour, LLC was created.  As a transformational coach, we provide coaching that empowers and inspires people to heal from past experiences and false perceptions that undermine their full potential for joy, peace and love.  It is our vision to make a positive impact on society by shifting the awareness of all people that they have a choice to create their own happiness and well-being.  My greatest natural curiosity and purpose became a reality!

Rosann Song
Rosann Song

Congratulations Jennifer! I've known you for over ten years, and you are truly in your happiness.  I'm looking forward to Empower Hour transform lives...what a blessing you are!