Work doesn't have to be a four letter word.


About the Ignite Blog

This is your story, and we want you to tell it—right here.

You see, as a society, we have been going about this all wrong. For decades, we have been told to get a good education, then go out and get a job. But no one tells us to find the right job.

No one tells us to pursue our most passionate curiosity and chase our own burning questions.

Our teachers, counselors, and parents act as if any old job will do. So hundreds of millions of us wake every morning, day after day, and drag ourselves to unfulfilling jobs.

At Ignite, we know that identifying your right role is akin to finding your soul mate. Lightning strikes when you discover what you are meant to do.

This blog is a platform owned by you—the guy who earned a business degree because he didn’t know what else to do, but who, deep down in his soul, wants to change the world.

It is also owned by you—the college grad who wants more for herself, and who knows that an inspiring job is within reach.

One way or another, we want to hear your story, and we invite you to share it with us here. The system is broken, and we need your help fixing it …

By sharing your story on this community blog, you will inspire others to start searching for their life’s purpose.

Imagine a world in which every individual is putting the best of who they are to work! When millions of people are operating within the precincts of their greatest natural talents and curiosities, the collective benefit will shift the winds. Global crisis will be solved by groundbreaking technologies, pioneering innovations, inspirational leaders, and art that transforms cultures.

This is our long-term vision.

And this transformation begins with you.

Join our movement and share your story here.


About Ignite

95% of people are in the wrong role. They may be productive and many are successful by society’s standards. But they are not fulfilled. And as a result, the world is denied the benefits of their greatest work.

Ignite exists to create a shift that starts with our revolutionary online curriculum. The three-hour course will help you discover where you’ll do your best work.  Unlike school systems, which try to improve weaknesses, we focus on uncovering your unique gift and how to use it to do your greatest work.

The Ignite Experience identifies your Top Natural Talent and Supporting Strengths, Ideal Working Environment and unique sense of wonderment, which we call your Most Passionate Curiosity. These powerful insights provide the roadmap necessary to make your greatest impact in the world and find fulfillment. Simply put: Ignite brings your purpose to life.

At Ignite, we help find the greatness within you using proven science and an innovative online process. We believe in your uniqueness.  We know you have a special gift the world needs. In fact, we think you are the gift the world needs.

Take the online course here.